My name is Cody Smith and I am a proud member of the Arizona Trade Exchange. I have been a member for almost 6 years and I can honestly say when it comes to ethics, ATE stands at the top of the list...

Dare to Compare

We Dare You To Compare

There are several trade organizations in the Phoenix Metro Area, but we dare you to compare them to Arizona Trade Exchange. Since 1999, our mission has guided us to be the best trade network in the Valley, and we’ve done just that from the start. Here are just a few reasons why:

  • Location, location, location – Arizona Trade Exchange members are hand-picked and selected based on several sets of criteria, location being one of the most important. Instead of spreading our network across the Valley, we’ve concentrated our membership in one area and built outward, covering most of the Valley in even distribution.

  • We don't charge you cash until we do our job – Most trade exchanges charge a commission the minute you earn trade credits and then charge a second commission when you spend the credits. Arizona Trade Exchange doesn't charge its commission until after you spend the trade dollars you've earned.

  • A Trade Fair unlike any other – Trade exchanges generally have an annual fair featuring the same members sitting in booths selling goods and services you can acquire all year long. Arizona Trade Exchange’s Trade Fair is different. Our Holiday Trade Fair features items purchased at wholesale conventions, like remote controlled planes, jewelry, sporting goods and more. These items, purchased specifically for the Trade Fair, are always new and different. All items are marked at retail prices and can be purchased with trade dollars.

  • A balanced membership – Arizona Trade Exchange hand-selects business members to join our barter network based on what services are in demand and what the network needs for a more well-rounded, balanced selection of services. This helps to ensure that all members take in as much trade as they want without the worry of an oversaturated sector of business.

  • Members that trade – Our trade members are never allowed to go “on hold” or become inactive, ensuring that you can always spend your trade dollars with everyone listed in our member directory.