My name is Cody Smith and I am a proud member of the Arizona Trade Exchange. I have been a member for almost 6 years and I can honestly say when it comes to ethics, ATE stands at the top of the list...


Frequently Asked Questions

What is barter?
Barter has always been an effective way for businesses to trade their goods and services for what they need without spending cash. Arizona Trade Exchange makes it easy by acting as a central hub in a trade network of businesses. This saves you valuable time and the trouble of finding others willing to participate in a direct trade for your goods or services and the uneven balances that can, and usually do, result

How does trade work with Arizona Trade Exchange?
Our government states that one trade credit is equal to exactly one trade dollar. Trade dollars can be used at any of the businesses within our barter network to offset everyday expenses like pest control, air conditioning services, cleaning and more. Arizona Trade Exchange operates as a trade dollar bank, keeping track of trade credits earned and spent every month.

How much does it cost?
All Arizona Trade Exchange members pay a one-time membership fee to join our trade network, then a cash commission of 12% when they spend their trade credits. Similar to a bank’s monthly account maintenance fee, we charge a monthly maintenance fee of $20.00 that is paid $10.00 in cash and $10.00 in trade. ATE never charges members when they acquire trade credit and always strives for a diverse mix of organizations in close proximity to suit all of your service needs and get the most for your trade credit.

What types of businesses barter through trade exchanges?
Trade exchange members are primarily entrepreneurs that are interested in growing their business without affecting their bottom line or sacrificing the services they need. From establishing a customer base to increasing sales or selling excess inventory, business owners look to the Arizona Trade Exchange as a source of business and revenue growth. To see examples of businesses in our trade network, visit our Member Categories page.

How do Arizona Trade Exchange members set their prices?
All Arizona Trade Exchange members charge full retail value for their goods and services. Businesses are not allowed to mark up their prices or charge extra to our trade network members. ATE staff are very flexible in setting up the very best trading scenario for each company and we work with you from the very beginning. Exchange members are not allowed to demand discounts from coupons or special offers meant for cash customers. We do this in order to ensure all members are receiving equal value for their trade dollars.

Can Arizona Trade Exchange members charge a cash component as part of a trade transaction?
Members are able to charge cash for applicable sales taxes and gratuities, or if the member must purchase a significant amount of materials from an outside vendor. However, a member is never allowed to charge cash for a service, and Arizona Trade Exchange strictly regulates the cash components related to trade transactions. Allowable cash components are determined and agreed upon when the member signs up with Arizona Trade Exchange.

How do I track transactions?
Arizona Trade Exchange provides members with detailed monthly statements, much like a bank statement, that shows purchases, account balances and fees.The monthly statement is available to members via the Member Portal. Members have access to account details as well as a host of other useful information, including weekly newsletters and messages via the Member Portal.

What’s the catch?
There is no catch. Arizona Trade Exchange was created to help entrepreneurs gain new cash business they might not have otherwise received and to help offset business expenses that could be traded instead of using hard-earned cash. There are no hidden fees, costs or surprises before, during or after you join. Our members’ success and satisfaction within the Arizona Trade Exchange is our number one priority.

Is a trade exchange legal?
Absolutely. In addition to providing detailed monthly statements of trade exchange activity, Arizona Trade Exchange issues a 1099 Form at the end of each year showing total trade sales for the year. The IRS views trade dollars the same as cash dollars, and purchases made in trade for your business can also be written off as a business expense. Similarly, contributions to one of Arizona Trade Exchange’s charitable organizations can be deducted just as though they were made in cash.