My name is Cody Smith and I am a proud member of the Arizona Trade Exchange. I have been a member for almost 6 years and I can honestly say when it comes to ethics, ATE stands at the top of the list...


Johnny Rockets


As a local franchisee for Johnny Rockets, we were one of the first few nationally known restaurant brands to become part of the Arizona Trade Exchange. We had never used trade before, but is has been such a successful partnership that 2014 will be our fifth year with ATE. We intend to stay around for years to come.

Being part of the Trade Exchange has helped our business in several different ways. Not only has it brought new customers into our restaurants, but it has also helped us with one of a restaurant’s ongoing battles: To keep our repair and maintenance costs under control. The extensive choice of trades people available through ATE make it possible to get almost all of our maintenance completed with trade dollars.

The staff at ATE makes it easy to take advantage of the opportunities available with your trade dollars. It is like having your own personal business concierge. They are very helpful in coming up with ideas that work for your business. We have used trade dollars as incentives to our employees, to pay for hotels while traveling for business and even to dine at other restaurants once in a while.

We have found ATE more valuable and easy to use than we expected. We would certainly recommend this organization to other valley businesses.

Kevin Thompson, Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Johnny Rockets

A2Z Trophy


I’m writing this letter to commend the Arizona Trade Exchange and its staff. We have been members of the exchange for 8+ years and have always felt the exchange and its staff to be very professional. They have always conducted business with us with honor and integrity. We highly recommend the trade exchange and its practices whenever the opportunity arises. We have enjoyed being members of the exchange and are particularly proud of the personal service we receive as it mirrors how we conduct business ourselves. We find the exchange staff to be personally involved, generous and charitable within our community.

Susan Engle, Owner - A2Z Trophy

Dynamic Pest Control


My name is Cody Smith and I am a proud member of the Arizona Trade Exchange. I have been a member for almost 6 years and I can honestly say when it comes to ethics, ATE stands at the top of the list. They set the bar high with their company and don’t make exceptions for anyone. There have been multiple occasions where clients of theirs may have tried to take advantage of another client and without fail, every time I’ve seen it happen, ATE has not only stepped in and made it right, but gone the extra mile even if it meant losing a client over the deal. They have always stood for honest business with a high standard of integrity. Not only am I a trade member with ATE, but I’m also a member of another trade association in the area and ATE is hands down a far superior company than its competitors.

Cody Smith, Owner - Dynamic Pest Control



As a member of the Arizona Trade Exchange (ATE) for 13 years, I have had the privilege of getting to know the owners and staff very well. My participation came as the result of a referral by another business member who had contracted my services. He liked my work and felt I would enjoy being a part of other businesses with similar work standards. That is why I became a member and why I have referred dozens of other businesses to the Arizona Trade Exchange.

It has been my experience that the members who are invited to join are thoroughly checked out and as a result, I have developed wonderful working relationships with many companies that have provided services to my family, employees, and guests as well as my business providing services to them. Many are considered good friends. This only happens when good, honest business people have standards that are very high. On a rare occasion, when someone did not adhere to the ATE standards, they were given the opportunity to rectify the situation or they were no longer welcome as members. Having been a member of several barter-type groups at one time, I can attest to the fact that they are not all the same and I continue to recommend ATE.

On a personal note, when my son got married, the wedding reception was done almost entirely through ATE businesses, even the hotel in Hawaii, and the staff at ATE went way beyond expectations to see that I had access to the services I needed. They do this anytime I have a need. I am proud to be a member and look forward to many more years with the Arizona Trade Exchange.

George A. Bock, Jr., President – Geo-Seal

Garbage Guy Inc.


It has been my privilege to be associated with the Arizona Trade Exchange for the past 5 years. I have found them to be a professional and customer-centric organization. My association with them has benefitted me personally and professionally.

As a business owner, I am particular about the companies I refer or recommend. My referral reflects on my own business when I do so. I am pleased to have referred several other current members to Arizona Trade Exchange and find that they are also grateful for the association.

The owners and staff of Arizona Trade Exchange have always treated me with courtesy and respect and have provided prompt service in every instance. I am associated with one other barter group in another state and am aware of others in Arizona. My experiences with these groups are much less satisfying than my experience with Arizona Trade Exchange. I am pleased to be a group member and look forward to a lengthy mutually beneficial association.

Robert G. Allen, Owner - Garbage Guy Inc.

Razzle Dazzle Flowers


We have been a member of The Arizona Trade Exchange for over a year. It is the first trade organization that we have had the pleasure of being a part of. Everyone within the organization has been wonderful to work with. We have used countless other members businesses and had wonderful experiences. We appreciate the employees of The Arizona Trade Exchange, everyone is so friendly and willing to help in any way they can! They truly want to see all members grow and be successful. We recommend Arizona Trade Exchange to all our business friends.

Caroline Naylor, Clara Annis, Marcella Maher, Owners - Razzle Dazzle Flowers

Fosters Carpet Care & Repair


Over the past six (6) years, we have enjoyed a very favorable working relationship with Arizona Trade Exchange. We have been with a few other trade associations in the past and have always supported the concept of trade, but, it wasn’t until we became members of Arizona Trade Exchange that our trade expectations were turned into an overwhelming support, exceeding our expectations.

Their trade associates provide fast, quality service with a wide assortment of products and services. The customer service at the offices of Arizona Trade Exchange is one we try to model ourselves here at Fosters Carpet Care. They are quick to resolve issues and there has never been a time when they did not stop what they were doing to lend us a helping hand in making purchases, auditing our account, making reservations and giving us suggestions on those, all important, days we often forget: Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, anniversaries and birthdays, etc.

We recommend them to all of our business associates who have a marketable product or service to sell. They are good people and they do what is right. We hope to work with them for many years to come.

Mike Foster and Walt Foster, Owners - Fosters Carpet Care & Repair

Greenwood Family Dental


I have been a part of the Arizona Trade Exchange for several years now. It has been a very positive experience so far. I have found each employee in the company to be professional, courteous and prompt in responding to any questions or needs that I might have. I do not hesitate to call or come by the office because I know I will be treated with respect. I also feel like they care more about me and not just about making a profit.

I occasionally will receive a phone call or e-mail alerting me to a service or event that is available that I might be interested in. They know my family circumstances and want to offer services or events that will be suitable for our family. I appreciate their attention to detail and care for my family.

I would recommend Arizona Trade Exchange as an ethical company striving to do business in an appropriate manner.

Wayne Greenwood, Greenwood Family Dental

Advanced Chiropractic


Being a part of the Arizona Trade Exchange has been a great experience and has offered our office a number of fantastic opportunities both personally and professionally. By being able to utilize our trade dollars we have received great services from various types of businesses and in turn, have been able to offer our services to other Arizona Trade Exchange members. One of the greatest benefits of this exchange is the networking and referrals that doing business this way brings. We have had a number of members that we have met either personally or professionally in their work place that have become patients, who may otherwise not have ever come to a chiropractic office if it were not for their trade dollars from Arizona Trade Exchange. In doing so, they have seen the benefits of chiropractic first hand and have ultimately referred back to us in multiple ways.

Arizona Trade Exchange is a great organization to be a part of! The benefits would well outweigh the cons, if there were any. It is so quick, easy and convenient to call in trades and track our barters. We are so glad to have found the Arizona Trade Exchange and to have become members! We look forward to continuing our membership and growing our business and relationships within this superior organization.

Dr. Scott Hatzenbeler, D.C.
Advanced Chiropractic
4365 E. Pecos Rd. Ste. 129
Gilbert, AZ 85297
(P) 480-632-0177 (F) 480-632-5195

Ted Agnick - The Lawyer


I want to recommend the Arizona Trade Exchange to any person who is considering joining such an organization. The Arizona Trade Exchange has been able to utilize some of my excess capacity on clients I would have not otherwise received but for the Arizona Trade Exchange. I have been able to off-set some of my business overhead costs through the use of vendors in the trade exchange.

In addition to off-setting my business overhead, I have been able to off-set my personal living expenses through the Arizona Trade Exchange. The Arizona Trade Exchange is a very good organization and at least one personal service provider that I regularly use has joined The Trade Exchange after observing my family’s success and experience with it. Now my wife is able to pay this vendor, her hair stylist, in trade. This has made the stylist, my wife and I quite happy.

Although I never expected to get past referrals from the trade exchange, I recently was retained by a cash paying client who was referred to me from a member in the trade exchange.

My dealings with the staff at the Arizona Trade Exchange have been pleasant. I believe Rob, the owner, has surrounded himself with professional staff members who have a lot of integrity. This is certainly one of the many things that make them stand out above other trade organizations

Ted Agnick

Amazon Coatings


Using Arizona Trade Exchange "trade dollars" has allowed us to purchase advertising, printing, and vehicle signs, allowing us to GROW our company at times when "green dollars" are in short supply. We've also had vehicles repaired and used restaurant "scrip" for business meetings. We've even consulted an attorney when legal advice was needed.

On a more personal side, Rob & Jerry were able to find, at a moment's notice, airline vouchers so that I could fly back east when my father unexpectedly passed away. When custody issues arose in our family, Ellsworth Family Law represented us AND won our case!

So, professionally and personally, we are indebted to Arizona Trade Exchange. We don't feel like a member, we feel like family!

Lori Davis-Mundo
Amazon Coatings

Doris & Company, CPAs

Arizona Trade Exchange has been a great partner with our company, Doris & Company, CPAs. Doris & Company, CPAs has been with Rob and his staff for nearly ten years. During this time, Rob has done a fantastic job in growing the trading partners within the exchange.

Rob and his staff have been very helpful in making the exchange available to trading partners. Any time we have a need, the staff has had great suggestions. They have provided the key benefits of each trading partner, provided direct contacts when needed, and made the trading experience pleasant.

The trade opportunities have grown every year. One of many helpful trade experiences was the orthodontics for my children. With two children needing braces at the same time and all of the service available on trade, the provider within the trade exchange was a life saver.

We look forward to working with the Arizona Trade Exchange for many more years.

Gerald Doris, CPA
Doris & Company, CPAs

BrandIt Marketing


AZ Trade Exchange has allowed me to reach other businesses and share the power of marketing. By using their trade dollars it allows more focused marketing efforts and working with someone they trust through the vetted Trade program.

Lori Stang
BrandIt Marketing

Mark Tucker Attorney-at-Law

The Arizona Trade Exchange has allowed me to tap into new business and also provided access on trade to quality goods and services for business or personal needs that I might otherwise have missed or paid for out of pocket.

Mark Tucker